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  • Blowback Laser Trainer®

  • Laser Trainer Magazine

  • Laser Trainer Target

  • Kydex Holster

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What an amazing training tool. It is portable, so I can take it anywhere and train in my basement or home. It is realistic and priced right. This is a great supplement in addition to going to the range and training live fire. Also it is a great tool to teach my students before they go to the live fire range. Great product!”

— Lou Krupkin, Firearms Expert, Caliber 3


Background – Lou Krupkin USA Director - Tactical Operations & K9 Lou is the Director for Caliber 3 K9, and the Director of Tactical Operations for the USA. Mr. Krupkin completed his service in the IDF in a combat unit and has worked in the security and security technology fields for over 25 years in various technical, tactical, managerial and consultative roles. Mr. Krupkin has trained and is certified as a Police K-9 Handler and with K9 Cabo, brings that expertise to Caliber 3. Currently as Senior Account Executive at Nuix, Security and Intelligence Group (Governent & Law Enforcement).

Blowback Laser Trainer